U-Load Moving

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using U-Load Moving services for your next relocation. The MoveAmerica "U-Load-We Drive" concept is a relatively new moving method created by MoveAmerica which results in tremendous savings to you over conventional ways of moving such as contracting with a van line or renting and driving a truck.

What is U-Load Moving?

Our service, which is known as "Self Service Moving", replaces expensive van line labor with your own or that of your family and friends. By doing so you can move thousands of miles and put your hard earned money where it belongs: In your pocket! Forget costly movers and forget renting and driving a truck. No need to pay for gas, tolls, truck insurance, mileage, and all the other costs of truck rental. Don't want to load yourself? We can arrange professionals to do that too and you still save!

About Self Moving Services

You can easily end up saving thousands of dollars over a typical van line move, and we are almost always less expensive than truck rental even without counting the cost of gas, tolls, insurance, and mileage. Sometimes we are thousands of dollars less. You must admit that's pretty amazing considering you don't have to rent, pickup, drive, insure, and deliver the truck. You can even save substantially if you hire professional loaders arranged by MoveAmerica! How do we know so much about it? Because MoveAmerica, with 106 years of moving heritage to draw upon, was the company which 15 years ago created and implemented this "self service moving" method that has become so popular with our customers. Others may imitate, but we are proud that we were the first to "originate".

The MoveAmerica U-Loadâ„¢ concept works because your shipment is loaded into the front of our trailers, secured behind a bulkhead (a wall), and never moves. While commercial cargo is loaded behind your bulkhead, your shipment stays in its position in the front of the trailer, unlike the commercial cargo which may be loaded or unloaded. The only time your shipment is moved is when you unload it at the end of your move.

Our Security Divider Trailers ONLY have your household goods on the trailer, and NEVER stop at anyone else's house along the way. And, trailers NEVER stop at a motel or truck stop for the night, but instead are locked away in a secure, fenced, patrolled terminal. Compare us to a van line, which has multiple people's furniture on their truck, and which parks the trailer at a truck stop or motel every night, or a truck rental, where you have to leave the truck unprotected outside in the parking lot while you sleep.

Why is MoveAmerica the Only Choice for U-Load Moving?

With MoveAmerica, you don't have to rent, pickup, drive, or fuel a truck, and you don't have to return it at the end of your move. And, if you need storage, we store your trailer until you are ready for delivery.

With MoveAmerica, you are moving your household goods at common carrier cargo rates, which are one third to one half those charged by a typical "van line". This huge savings is a function of many factors, some of which are that you are supplying the labor, that household goods movers are seasonal companies and thus have to make most of their profit in the busy moving season, while MoveAmerica and its carrier partners do not, and that MoveAmerica trailers move on defined "regular" routes where traffic is always available. Household goods movers operate on irregular routes, and have to go looking for shipments wherever they can find one.

Therefore, MoveAmerica can move you far less expensively than truck rental or household goods carriers, move you faster and more reliably, and save you time, money, and effort. If you like, we can even coordinate loading and unloading of your shipment by experienced professional movers at very attractive prices.

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