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Experience and Service Set Us Apart!

Our family moving company began in 1905 and proudly moved Presidents Eisenhower, JFK, and Nixon along with General Douglas MacArthur at various stages in their careers! We’ve moved diplomats, generals, admirals, and tens of thousands of just plain folks too. Our first moving trucks ate hay and wore horseshoes! 106 years of experience is always right on tap to help you answer your questions anytime they arise throughout the moving process and costs you no more. What separates us from the competition? An unbeatable combination of personal service, integrity, a passion for excellence, and a thorough knowledge of the moving process we put to work for you. Great prices too! Ask us for advice and tips on materials, packing, and loading, and receive answers based on our remarkable 106 years of actual experience.

We Started It All

Because of our remarkable 106 year history of moving excellence and knowledge of both moving and shipping, in 1995 MoveAmerica® originated a unique moving solution which has become so popular by combining the cost savings of a truck rental with the convenience of a full service mover. Others may copy, but we started it all. Read More


Storage Options?

What if I need storage? Consider our Moving Vault service. With this service, your shipment is containerized ready for storage in individual vaults. With MoveAmerica® , the first twenty-eight days of storage at either end is ABOLUTELY FREE. And when time comes for delivery, there is no additional move required since th e vaults can be loaded by forklift onto a delivery truck and delivered to you.


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