Compare MoveAmerica to truck rental. Choose Self Moving SSL

Compare MoveAmerica to truck rental

MoveAmerica usually costs less, you don't have to drive the truck, and you could be playing racquetball!

With MoveAmerica, you don't drive the truck. Our pros do it for you. Even for a professional, driving a large and heavily loaded truck over long distances in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions is serious and tiring work, and requires a great deal of care and skill. Longer trips mean more cost in motels and meals. With MoveAmerica, you can drive your car at your own pace or fly.

MoveAmerica pays for all the truck costs, including gas, oil, tolls, permits, fuel surcharges, truck insurance, tags, and licenses. We also pay for a professional driver operating a professionally maintained tractor and trailer. Your savings on gas, oil, and tolls alone can save you over a thousand dollars.

Driving a large, heavily loaded truck in heavy traffic, at night, and during inclement weather such as rain, snow, ice, and fog can be dangerous even for a professional driver. You are not a professional, and most likely do not having the training and experience for this kind of driving. A fully loaded truck can be hard to stop and difficult to safely change lanes or backup. Why put yourself at this kind of risk when MoveAmerica can do it for you for far less cost?

Driving a rental truck is slowwwwwwww, tedious, and hard work. You will only average about 45mph with a truck rental, and average 6 miles per gallon on fuel costs. Every 120 miles will cost almost $100 in fuel and oil. A coast to coast trip will take 58 hours of driving plus stops for gas, rest, motels, and meals.

Driving a rental truck is noisy and uncomfortable. There is no back seat, nowhere to lie down, and no place for kids, dogs, cats, or your pet goat. After the first 10 miles, your kidneys will wish they were somewhere else. Like your own car or not driving at all.

Rental trucks can break down, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Did you ever notice a rental truck does not have a spare tire? What then?

Rental truck companies will hold you responsible for any damage to the truck, engine damage (they will try to blame you for not putting in oil), and returning the truck on time. Also, you get the privilege of paying to insure THEIR truck.

Rental trucks are not always available when you go to pick it up (with MoveAmerica, we deliver to your door on both ends of your move). Our equipment is ALWAYS available.

What happens to your car? Either you have to tow it (can be dangerous), have someone else drive it (more work for someone), or ship it.

And, of course, the cost of a MoveAmerica U-Load™ move can be thousands of dollars less than renting and feeding a truck.

Put your hard earned money where it belongs: In your pocket! And don't waste your precious time, either. Use MoveAmerica.