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Each foot of Length in our trailer results in MORE cubic footage than quoted by PODS®. Let the Buyer Beware!

If you have or should obtain a quote from PODS® be aware that the ACTUAL SPACE offered by WeDriveULoad is much greater for a given LENGTH quoted than PODS® or similar companies. This is because their containers dimensions are less in width and less in height than a WeDriveULoad trailer.

Dimensions Shown are INTERIOR DIMENSIONS in feet and inches.

WeDriveULoad vs PODS® Containers

Company Method Length Width Height Space Overage Options
MoveAmerica28 foot trailer28 ft8 ft9 ft2016cubic ft.pay per foot only
PODS - 16 ftcontainer15' 10"7'7"6' 11"830cubic ft.purchase 2nd POD
PODS - 12 ftcontainer11' 10"7' 7"6' 11"620cubic ft.purchase 2nd POD
MoveAmerica216 feet of a 28 foot trailer16 feet8 ft9 ft1152cubic ft.pay per foot only
MoveAmerica312 feet of a 28 foot trailer12 feet8 ft9 ft864cubic ft.pay per foot only

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Company Method Length Width Height Space Overage Options

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