Customer Funnies

Customer Funnies

Even if you choose a company as amazing as MoveAmerica, moving is still stressful. To add a little levity to your moving experience, we decided to create a section in our website to share with you some of the funny things that customers say to us in order to put a smile on your face.

"Who is this? NUDE America?"

"Let me tell you what I'm NOT taking. I am not taking my washer and dryer, or my table and chairs, or my box spring. (and we need to know what you're NOT taking because....?)"

"I don't have much."

"Do you have IPODS?"

"When is my trailer going to arrive?" "MoveAmerica - didn't you hear from the terminal?" Customer - "Yes, they said between 12 and 3" (and you are asking because....?)

"What do you mean there is a blizzard, the roads are icy, the snow is 6 feet deep, and bridge is out?" You said you'd be here at 2PM and ITS 2:03 PM!!!

"I want a trailer the same color as in the picture on your website. I want a red, white, and blue one."

"I know I only bought 6 feet, but the driver told me I could use the whole trailer for the same price!" (sorry, Charlie)

Customer after giving us her mom's credit card - "You know you weren't authorized to use my mom's card - why did you charge it?"