Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQ's

Question? What exactly is MoveAmerica delivering for me to load my household goods shipment?

Answer: Moveamerica delivers a clean, waterproof, fully enclosed 28 foot long sealed trailer on wheels right to your door for you to load. You have up to 4-5 days (depending on the route) including weekends to load or unload free of charge. These trailers are 8 feet wide and 9 feet high (inside dimensions), and come fully equipped with a ramp, two wheel dolly, logistic track, security divider bulkhead, and 19 decking bars. You pay only by the foot of trailer length you reserve, rather than the weight of your shipment. This makes it very easy for you to determine your actual cost.

Question? Does MoveAmerica deliver directly to my door?

Answer: Yes, MoveAmerica delivers to your door on both ends of your move at no extra cost.

Question? What are my loading options? Moveamerica leaves the sealed shipping trailer at your home or apartment for 4-5 calendar days (depending on the route) including weekends FREE OF CHARGE for you to load. And, we give you the same time free of charge at destination to unload.

Question? What days of the week will MoveAmerica pickup and deliver? Answer: MoveAmerica will pickup and deliver on business days, i.e., during the week. Please ask your MoveAmerica representative for details.

Question: Can I request an AM or PM dropoff?. Answer: Yes

Question: Can I request a same day drop and pickup? Answer: Yes. We often drop at apartments and storage facilities in the morning and pickup in the afternoon or early evening.

Question: Can I request the driver to wait while I load. Yes, you can request the driver to wait up to one hour free of charge while you load.

Question? Who do I call after my trailer is loaded? Answer: Call MoveAmerica's office at 1-703-356-1088 and we will have the trailer picked up and started on its way to your new home.

Question? What equipment comes with the trailer? Each trailer is equipped with dual logistic tracks, a security divider bulkhead, 12 foot foldable ramp, two wheel dolly (not for refrigerators or appliances), and 19 decking bars. Moving blankets/pads may be ordered directly from MoveAmerica and will be shipped to your door prior to your move. Tie-down straps are available for an extra charge.

Question? How long does it take for me to get my shipment? Answer: On an average, your shipment take between 2 to 5 days to move virtually anywhere within the United States, and will be available for delivery by appointment with you after arrival at the destination terminal. Your quote and Reservation will tell you how long we estimate your move to take.

Question? What about insurance coverage? Answer: Carrier Liability insurance is free with each move. You may obtain an optional named peril insurance policy through Moveamerica to protect against loss caused by collision, overturn, or upset of the transporting vehicle at extra cost. If professionals load your trailer you may obtain all risk insurance through Moveamerica at extra cost.

Question? Who will be driving the truck moving my shipment? Answer: MoveAmerica partners with very large commercial trucking companies, such as UPS Freight, who employ professional drivers and operate professionally maintained equipment to move your shipment. Unlike others such as many (if not most) household goods movers who hire independent contractor drivers on a trip-lease basis to drive the truck, MoveAmerica only uses professional employees as drivers. MoveAmerica does not utilize independent contractors or small operators to move your shipment.

Question? I have heard that many moving companies will drop my shipment in a warehouse for another truck to pickup, or van-to-van my shipment to another truck. Does MoveAmerica do this? Answer: MoveAmerica will NEVER setoff your shipment in a warehouse, van-to-van from our trailer, or move your shipment from where it was loaded. While this is a common practice with household goods movers, our far superior system does not need to do this and MoveAmerica would never allow it to occur.

Question? What are my storage options? Answer: MoveAmerica will store your trailer at our destination terminal Free of Charge for the first 3 days after arrival, not counting weekends. After that, you are responsible for the daily or monthly charge. Make sure and advise us if you intend to leave your trailer at the destination terminal.

Question? Where does MoveAmerica provide service? Answer: As long as you are moving over 50 miles MoveAmerica can provide services nationwide to virtually everywhere in the United States. If we cannot service a particular origin or destination, you will be notified on-line when you obtain a quote. Please ask your MoveAmerica representative for service availability if you are off the beaten path.

Question? Is it possible for me to track my shipment throughout my move? Answer: Yes. MoveAmerica sends you an email AND text message daily to notify you of your shipments progress along the way. Also, you can track its progress on the web or call a MoveAmerica customer service representative who will track it for you.

Question? Do I have to wrap, blanket, box, and protect my shipment. Answer: Absolutely, protection of your goods is your responsibility.

Question? Where can I obtain packing materials, cartons, and tape. Answer: Materials can be ordered directly from Moveamerica's web site or ask your Customer Service Representative to order for you.

Question? Are there any hidden charges in my quote? Answer: No. Your quote is all inclusive and there are no hidden charges.

What happens when I arrive in my destination city? Answer: Call MoveAmerica and let us know you have arrived. If your shipment is there, we will coordinate your delivery with the destination folks.