MoveAmerica - Storage Moving


Many MoveAmerica customers have not yet located a residence when they ship their household goods to their destination city where we keep your shipment in storage. This happens all the time, and should not be a cause for concern.

Once your shipment arrives at our destination terminal, it is kept safe and secure at the locked, gated, and staffed facility. Your shipment is never moved or touched in any way, and is kept right where you loaded it. You are given three business days free to accept delivery. After that you are charged storage on a daily basis until you have reached the monthly minimum charge. At this point you would incur the monthly storage charge for your trailer.

Once you have a place to deliver your shipment, simply contact MoveAmerica and we will have it delivered for you. The cost of delivery is already in your price.

Some terminals will only keep a trailer in storage for a maximum of three months, so if you think that might be an issue please let us know.

Warning - due to equipment shortages some terminals are not allowing storage - please ask your MoveAmerica rep if this affects you.