Moving Services

As a family moving company with more than 110 years of illustrious experience, MoveAmerica has led its industry in originating a streamlined, inexpensive moving service. The licensed, bonded, insured, and family-owned company is dedicated to providing a combination of exceptional customer service, unparalleled knowledge of the moving process, and integrity in all it does. MoveAmerica understands that it does not simply move freight, we move families and individuals personal belongings. Because of this, MoveAmerica takes great care to ensure that we provide safe, secure, reliable transportation in all its moving services. By taking advantage of unused space in the trailers of large trucking companies, MoveAmerica is able to offer our customers substantial savings. Your belongings are safely and inexpensively shipped because large national trucking companies allow MoveAmerica to use their extra space at a very low rate.

What is U-Load Moving?

Our service, which is known as "Self Service Moving", replaces expensive van line labor with your own or that of your family and friends. By doing so you can move thousands of miles and put your hard earned money where it belongs: In your pocket! Forget costly movers and forget renting and driving a truck. No need to pay for gas, tolls, truck insurance, mileage, and all the other costs of truck rental. Don't want to load yourself? We can arrange professionals to do that too and you still save!

About Our Moving Services

To ensure that each your possessions are safe and secure, MoveAmerica uses security dividers in our trailers. After your belongings are loaded into the front of the trailer, the driver erects a security divider wall that will separate it from any commercial cargo that is loaded behind the bulkhead. While the commercial cargo may, at times, be loaded or unloaded, MoveAmericas clients are assured that their load does not move until you or a hired MoveAmerica team member unloads it at the final destination.

We bring a 28 foot long trailer on wheels to your home, where you load with the help of friends or relatives, or MoveAmerica can arrange third party professionals to load or unload the trailer for you. The trailers are fully enclosed, wider (8 feet), and higher (9 feet) than a rental truck so you can load a lot more for the same length of space. Our charges are ONLY based on the number of lineal feet (the length of the trailer floor) that you use. The driver erects a security divider bulkhead wall behind your shipment, and professionals drive it to your new home where an agreed delivery date is arranged. Upon delivery, the driver removes the security divider wall and you unload your shipment. Moveamerica will then pick up the empty trailer and your move is complete. This is normally your lowest cost and quickest moving option.

Loading and unloading - Moveamerica can offer to arrange third party professionals to load or unload your belongings on both ends of your move for you. If our third party professional loaders do the work, there is nothing to buy and nothing to do but show the pros what you want loaded. Wrapping and padding of furniture is included, but not preliminary packing.

Third party professional loading companies are not owned by MoveAmerica and are not agents of MoveAmerica.

Loading and unloading free time - you are allowed 4-5 business days including weekends to load and unload Security Divider Trailers FREE OF CHARGE. If you would like to have your trailer dropped off and picked up the same day, we can do that too. We can even have the driver wait up to one hour while you load without charge!

Ramps - Security Divider Trailers are equipped with ramps FREE OF CHARGE.

Moving blankets - can be ordered from MovedAmerica and delivered direct to your door within 3-5 days of your order.

Two Wheel Dollies - provided Free of Charge with each trailer on most routes. Not intended for moving refrigerators or heavy appliances.

Insurance - Carrier Liability Insurance is included FREE OF CHARGE. Named Peril Insurance is available at a premium of one percent of your valuation. Other insurance options, including All-Risk Insurance, are also available.

Storage - Security Divider Trailers may be stored on a daily or monthly basis after free time expires at destination.

Packing Materials - MoveAmerica can provide you next day service on a variety of high quality packing materials delivered to your door at very reasonable prices if you want to pack yourself. Please click on Order Packing Materials to review our selection of packing materials.

Why Hire MoveAmerica?

Our service is very inexpensive, usually less expensive than renting a truck and paying for gas, and you don't have to spend your valuable time and effort driving the truck hundreds or thousands of miles! On top of that, you save money by not having to stay in motels, buy meals, ship or have someone else drive your car, or return to your starting point. We are very fast, only a few days to virtually every spot in the United States, NEVER stop at someone else's home or load anyone else's furniture on your trailer, and you are the only one who ever sees or accesses your goods. We are far superior to a van line, truck rental, pods services, and other similar services.

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